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Moral Development Group

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The Moral Development Committee is charged with improving guidelines for making moral inquiry in youth aged 15 to 24 as well as advocating for educational initiatives in moral psychological development and applications to ethics and professionalism in medical school and psychiatric residencies.

This online group has the following charges:

  • Consider issues under the Committee's designated purview

  • Determine one or two issues of focus over the coming year

  • Collaborate with other ASAP committees on areas related to these issues

  • Develop policy statements for Governing Board consideration related to advocacy, internal ASAP and external policy development; pending federal or state as appropriate legislation

  • Develop at least one newsletter article per 6-month period

  • Propose at least one topic with recommended speaker(s) for the Annual Meeting, regional meetings, review courses, workshops, or special events

  • Authorized to establish collaborative relations with the Indiana University Conscience Project, with other work groups in the field of psychiatry and with allied mental health professional societies concerned to address moral developmental needs of adolescents and young adults as well as educational initiatives in moral psychological development and applications to ethics and professionalism in medical schools, psychiatric residencies and continuing medical education upon approval from the ASAP President and Executive Committee

  • Provide a framework for mentoring Members in Training

  • Other duties agreed upon by the committee chair and ASAP President

  • The chair will be responsible for the following duties:

    • Report quarterly (10 working days before scheduled Governing Board meetings);

    • Schedule at least quarterly meetings and hold meetings (or communicate via email) as needed for issues to be considered or under consideration;

    • Lead the committee in meeting its designated charges;

    • Develop liaisons with other ASAP committees for consideration of issues of mutual concern;

    • Contact the President on issues that require immediate Executive Committee or Governing Board attention

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  • September 21, 2022


  • ASAP Executive Office
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