Introduction to ASAP

About ASAP

The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry has served the psychiatric profession since 1967. Focusing on teen, adolescent, and young adult issues, ASAP acts both as a professional network for its members and a specialized community dedicated to education development and advocacy of adolescents and the adolescent psychiatric field.


Regular Membership is open to all psychiatrists. Trainee Membership is open to psychiatric residents; and, Associate Membership is open to professionals with education, training, and a post-baccalaureate degree in a mental health or related field. This includes psychologists, social workers, nurses, physician extenders, counselors, non-psychiatrist physicians, and may include other disciplines. In addition to an Annual Meeting, there is constituent regional society, the New York Society for Adolescent Psychiatry in New York City.

ASAP | 5903 Mount Eagle Drive #917 | Alexandria, VA  22303  | Tel: (703) 746-8900

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