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ASAP's Official Newsletter

Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry: July-August 2021
Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry: May -June 2021
Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry:  January-April 2021
Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry:  November-December 2020
Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry:  September 2020
 Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry:  December 2019

Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry:  October 2019


Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry:  September 2019
Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry:  July 2019


Winter 2016 Newsletter

The Winter 2016 Newsletter provides information on ASAP recent changes, upcoming events, and member highlights. The ASAP Newsletter is created to provide timely and important information for those involved and/or interested in adolescent psychiatric care. Be sure to check it out!



2015 Summer Newsletter

Summer greetings from The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry! As the only professional society of mental health professionals devoted exclusively to advocating for the needs of teenagers, now is an exciting time to renew membership or join ASAP. Our 2015 annual meeting, held in March in New York and co-hosted for the first time by the International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, was a great success with almost 300 professionals in attendance. Participants earned up ...



2015 Winter Newsletter

In 1970, ASAP in its third year, held its first joint/international conference in Buenos Aires. A small group of ASAP members attended and presented including Jim Masterson, Bert Slaff, Roy Grinker and myself. It was a great experience for all of us. This year under the direction and coordination of co-chairs Lois Flaherty and Greg Barclay, ASAP is hosting its first joint conference with ISAPP in New York City. The program will host an extraordinary faculty of national and international expe...



2014 Summer Newsletter

As we enter our 47th year of The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, ASAP is going to host its first joint conference with The International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology March 26-29, 2015 in New York City. We are becoming a more global society. Adolescents throughout the world are reflecting that global influence. It is most fitting that we will have the opportunity to share our ideas, concepts, problems, and treatment strategies with our global colleagues at our 2...



2014 Winter Newsletter

Winter season’s greetings to all! It is amazing that we are rapidly approaching another annual ASAP conference. It is also amazing that we often mark the passing of time, like a new year, by the events that reoccur rather than the date. It has been a busy year for ASAP with the debut of our new website. Although still being developed, what has been open to public use is impressive. Not only does it showcase the society, but the site is now a vehicle for networking members and announcing to t...



2013 Summer Newsletter

With spring ending and summer upon us I hope everyone has had an enjoyable year thus far. Spring represents that time of year when there is growth, renewal, beginnings, and moving forward. It is a perfect analogy, as ASAP is evolving to remain a viable entity able to serve and represent at the national level those clinicians whose primary or exclusive client base is adolescents. Our growth is targeted at expanding physician membership and increasing the breadth of our membership to other disc...



2012 Winter Newsletter

Indeed these are exciting times for the field of Adolescent Psychiatry. Rapidly evolving circumstances and regulations of the delivery of psychiatric services to adolescents underscore the importance of networking with colleagues in the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry. Novel Developments in adolescent psychopharmacology as well as updated DSM-5 diagnostic criteria behoove all psychiatrists...



2012 Summer Newsletter

It is with great enthusiasm that I extend my greetings to all members of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry. The organization, devoted solely to the advancement of the Profession of Adolescent Psychiatry, is now in its 45th year of operation. At this moment, I would especially like to thank Dr. Dean DeCrise for his extraordinary leadership, service and many accomplishments during this past year as President of the Society.



2011 Fall Newsletter

Dear ASAP members, we hope that this fall and upcoming holiday season is a propitious time for you, your friends and family. We at ASAP are moving along with plans to assess our member's needs, and put processes into place which will revitalize, sustain and invigorate our membership.


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