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We Thank our Donors to our 2023 Presidential Educational Initiative (Non-duplicated Gifts Listed Separately - Current as of 2-2-24)

In Honor of


General Gifts

Richard Ratner, M.D.

Judy Pulice

Aaron Krasner, M.D.

Gregory Barclay, M.D.

Stephan Carlson, M.D.

Denise Luccarelli

Regina Barber

Cheryl Kozlowski

Jennifer Ricciardelli

Nicole Ahrens

Sophie Murphy

Juan Quiros, M.D.

Dennis Helmuth, M.D.

Babatunde Adetunji, M.D.

Matthew R. Galvin, M.D.

Agnes Simone, D.O.

Lois T. Flaherty, M.D, for her leadership and mentorship, in particular her years of service as Editor in Chief of "Adolescent Psychiatry"

Gregory P. Barclay, M.D.

Stephan Carlson, M.D.

Hemlata Charitar, M.D., Ph.D.

Richard Ratner, M.D., for his many contributions to ASAP, including his  years of service as ASAP's APA Liaison and to ABAP's Board of Directors

Gregory P. Barclay, M.D.

Lisa and Darius Brawn Fundraising Initiative

Tiffany Bevacqua

Lisa Brawn

Tanya Russo

Tasha Nagler

Joel and Carol Jankowsky

In Memory of

Len Henschel, M.D., for his mentorship and many years of service as ASAP Newsletter Editor

Gregory P. Barclay, M.D.

We thank our 2023-24 Donors to Our Program or Member Support Funds (Current as of 2-2-24)

ASAP Resident Award Fund

ASAP Member Dues Scholarship Fund

ASAP Book Review Fund

Ahmed Faheem, M.D.

Richard Ratner, M.D.

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