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Suicide in Teen and Young Adult Males - A free online symposium on September 28, 2022

ASAP's partner, The Partnership for Male Youth, is offering a special online symposium on the topic of Suicide in Teens and Young Adult Men. We all appreciate how timely and important this topic is.

Please consider registering to attend this Virtual Symposium.

Please see the announcement and details below:

September 21, 2022


The Partnership is pleased to announce the Symposium on Young Males and Suicide, part of the 2022 National Symposia on Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Male Health. This symposium will be held on September 28, 2022, between 10 AM and 12 PM EST. More detail on this and other symposia, and registration for the September 28 symposium, can be found here.

September is suicide prevention month. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young males, who die from suicide at four times the rate of young females. This panel will discuss how we can prepare young males for mental health challenges that they may face. Are there signs or symptoms that young males show if they are at risk of suicide? How does one hear those signs, and how does one listen to a young person at risk? How can friends be supportive of their friends who are experiencing depression or anxiety? In addition to other experts, we will hear from two fathers who lost their college age sons to suicide, their journey and what they are doing to address the issue.

The entire virtual series will consist of nine episodes covering a range of topics of interest to those who know or serve young males between the ages of 10 and 25. In addition to Young Males and Suicide the symposia include sessions on the following topics, some of which are covered in less detail as a part of PMY’s recent podcast series -

  • An overview of the State of AYA Male Health

  • Young Males and ADHD – June 23, 2022video available here

  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

  • Young Males, Healing Partnerships and Promoting Resilience - July 27, 2022 -video available here

  • Young Males and Depression - August 17, 2022 - video available here

  • Young Males and Body Image and Eating Disorders - September 23, 2022

  • Young Males and Reproductive Health

  • Young Males, Relationships and Health

Each episode will include audience participation. Please send along any advance questions you may have to

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