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The Schonfeld Award honors the first President and founding member of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, William A. Schonfeld, MD This prestigious award is given to individuals recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field of adolescent and young adult psychiatry, as well as for their excellence and dedication to the clinical practice of adolescent and young adult psychiatry throughout the course of their career. Historically, this award is presented to the keynote speaker of our Annual Conference. 

The recipient of the 2024 William A. Schonfeld, M.D. Award was Fabian M. Saleh, M.D., a distinguished clinician, educator, and leader in the field of Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry. Dr. Saleh has held academic appointments at Harvard University, and currently at John Hopkins University where he is Director of Forensic Psychiatry. He is highly regarded for his expertise in Juvenile Forensic Psychiatry and in working clinically with Adolescents and Adults with Problematic Sexual Behaviors and has published widely in this clinical area and is also known as an expert in Gender Dysphoria treatment and research. To read more, please click here. 






* Deceased

1969 Peter Blos, MD *
1970 Irene Josselyn, MD *

1971 Rudolph Ekstein, MD

1972 E. James Anthony, MD *

1973 Fritz Redl, PhD *

1974 Phyllis Greenacre, MD *

1975 Melvin Sabshin, MD*

1976 Moses Laufer, MD*

1977 Robert Coles, MD

1978 Hilde Bruch, MD *

1979 Heinz Kohut, MD *

1980 George Tarjan, MD *

1981 Selma Fraiberg *

1982 Otto F. Kernberg, MD

1983 Margaret S. Mahler, MD *

1984 Bruno Bettelheim, Ph.D. *

1985 Daniel Offer, MD*

1986 John Bowlby, MD *

1987 Jerry M. Lewis, MD*

1988 Vivian Rakoff, MBBS*

1989 James F. Masterson, MB*

1990 Richard C. Marohn, MD *

1991 Erik and Joan Erikson*

1992 Sir Michael Rutter, MD*

1993 Carl Whitaker, MD*

1994 Gustavo Lage, MD*

1995 Ghislaine Godenne, MD*

1996 Aaron Esman, MD*

1997 Bertram Slaff, MD*

1998 John Meeks, MD*

1999 Philip Katz, MD*

2000 Paul H. Wender, MD*

2001 Michael Kalogerakis, MD*

2002 Lois Flaherty, MD

2003 Richard A. Ratner, MD

2004 Glen T. Pearson, MD

2005 Richard Rosner, MD

2006 Robert Weinstock, MD

2007 Stephen B. Billick, MD

2008 Joseph Biederman, MD

2009 Cynthia Pfeffer, MD

2010 Harold S. Koplewicz, MD

2011 Glenn Saxe, MD

2012 Jennifer Havens, MD

2013 Kevin M. Gray, MD

2014 Robert L. Findling, MD

2015 Efrain Bleiberg, MD

2016 John Walkup, MD

2017 Jesse Shatkin, MD

2018 Lisa Dixon, MD

2019 Richard Pleak, MD

2020 Edward Mulvey, PhD

2021 Christopher "Kip" Thompson, MD

2022 Shady Shebak, MD

2023 Daniel F. Becker, MD

2024 Fabian Saleh, MD

Fabian M. Saleh, M.D.
Saleh with Schonfeld.heic
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