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Certification Information

The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry sponsors board certification in Adolescent & Young Adult Psychiatry overseen and administered by the American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry (ABAP). 

Initial Certification in Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry 

As of June 1, 2020, the certification examination for added qualifications in Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry is an online, on demand examination. Once any candidate fulfills the requirements and has submitted the necessary application, supporting documents, and required fees, the candidate is contacted and arrangements are made for the exam administration. While some candidates may elect to move directly ahead with the examination, others may desire a delay in order to study and prepare once their application is approved. This is an individualized process worked out at the time of approval.

 The minimum requirements to be considered for ABAP Certification are:

  • Board Certification in General or Child Psychiatry by the ABMS or The Royal College of Physicians in Canada

  • An active and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a state or province

  • At least 25% of patient care time spent treating adolescents or young adults (ages 11-26)

  • Written documentation of the following continuing medical education related to adolescent and/or transitional age youth psychiatry (Note: these requirements are undergoing a modification which is being phased in over 3 years as follows):
    a.  Exam years 6/2020-12/2021:
         Option A: 25 hours of Category I CME over 2 years prior to application
         Option B: 18 hours of Category I CME, of which at least 12 hours must be an approved Review
         Course in Adolescent/Young Adult Psychiatry if accessible during the 2 years prior to application
    b.  Exam year 2022:
         Option A: 30 hours of Category I CME over 3 years prior to application
         Option B: At least 12-hours approved review course in Adolescent/Young Adult Psychiatry if accessible + 12 additional relevant Category I CME credit within 2 years prior to application.
    c.  Exam year 2023+
         Option A: 36 hours of Category I CME over 3 years prior to application
         Option B: At least 12 hours must be approved review course in Adolescent/Young Adult Psychiatry
         if accessible plus 18 hours of additional Category I CME credits within 3 years prior to application.


The term of the initial certification is ten years. Starting the year after your initial certification, you are required to submit documentation of 10 hours of Category 1 CME credit in child, adolescent, or transitional age youth psychiatry for that year and the annual Maintenance of Certification fee of $50 by December 31 to remain an active Diplomate. Failure to pay MOC fees and submit your annual CME documentation will result in suspension of your status. Take note that ABAP Diplomates who join and remain in ASAP do not pay annual MOC fees and receive discounts on their certification examination and recertification fees.

Fee Schedule

Registration Fee $450 (a one-time nonrefundable fee, payable at time of application)
Examination Fee $750 (payable upon successful review of application and admission for candidacy) 
Re-Registration Fee $200 (required only if a candidate fails to pass both portions of the exam and does NOT request re-examination within 6 months of notification of failure, whereafter an updated application will be required; fee waived if candidate retakes failed portion(s) within 6 months of notification) 
Re-Examination Fee $150 for Part I, $150 for Part II, and $300 if both parts are required (payable at time of re-application)

Payment page:



Note: References are required. Provide your references with this link to complete an online reference form:

Unable to complete the online application?  Contact the ASAP National Office for assistance at or to obtain a written application.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Certification Examination Study Guide:  Study Guide for Certification Examination

For more information about certification/recertification, contact the National Office: (703) 746-8900 or

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